Cindarella  - Clothing-Furniture-Handcrafted-vintage-antiques-plus much.more


Clothing-jewelry-dresses- clothes for work or play-hand painted furniture, repurposed items, crafted and
 homemade items and so much more. 
1166 Gratiot Blvd
Marysville, Mi 48040
Please email cindarellaconsignmentshop 
if you are interested in a space for your creative items. 
CINDARELLA takes trendy clothing and formals. Clothes for work or play.  Shoes, jeans, dresses,jewelry,
 Furniture and household items. Furniture. New items daily.  
 CINDARELLA also carries plus sizes.
We take in items by season. Teens and womens plus sizes. 
 Must have a size tag. No rips or holes. No boys or mens items. Wrinkle and odor free.  Bring in items in a box..unless a formal then it needs to be on a hanger. We will go through the items with you on the spot.  There will be a $5.00 charge to open a new account the first time. We pay cash after the 10th of each month. You get 40% for your regular items.50% for formals. New items every day!
 Come on over and check us out today.
Bring in your trendy gently used items and Prom dresses. 
 See you soon!
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